How I Free Up 3+ Hours of My Weekend by Using THIS

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Hi, I’m Emily and when I’m not kicking ass in the gym or getting snacks for my kids for the millionth time or contemplating my new life as a person going through a divorce…I’m teaching sixth graders!  (If you would like to hear more about what led me on this journey of empowering myself and other women, check out this post, mama.)  Yes, that’s my day job, mamas.  I feel so blessed to be able to say that I really do love my career.  Teaching is such a phenomenally rewarding, intense, evolving, and dynamic profession.  But if you have never actually sat in and observed a teacher (and I mean a good teacher that believes in their work and brings it 100% each day) then you wouldn’t truly understand how it can also be so so so draining.  I spend many of my days in constant motion, moving around from table to table, interacting with 90 + kids, using my teacher voice, redirecting Johnny for the 14th time, and trying everything in my human ability to get these awesome kids to learn a new concept.  And when I come home, I am so. freaking. tired.

I know I am preaching to the choir that our weekends go by in a flash.  (PREACH, mama!)  I, like so many other people out there, used to spend a good chunk of my Saturday doing something I realllllly didn’t like doing: grocery shopping.  Yea, I know there are people that like to grocery shop and find it very therapeutic and blah blah blah.  I am NOT one of those individuals.  You know what I’m thinking about when I grocery shop?  Here, I’ll just give you a snippet of what is happening in my brain/what I am saying as I casually stroll down the bread aisle:

Okay I got the peanut butter…wait where’s Grant?  Omg he’s been abducted, and we are going to end up on Dateline.  Wait, no he’s right here.  Hmmm… do we have refried beans?  I should get some.  Wait, should I get some?  Didn’t I buy some last week?  Omg where is Grant?  Okay he’s here with Claire.  “NO we are NOT getting that, put it back NOW.” WHY are there like 4,000 people in this store right now?  WHY can’t my kids just stay by the cart, instead of suddenly becoming possessed by the grocery store goblin and acting like PSYCHOPATHS for the entire duration of this experience?  Ohhhh Poptarts, I do love Poptarts.  WAIT, where’s Claire!? Continue reading “How I Free Up 3+ Hours of My Weekend by Using THIS”

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