The #1 Phrase I Use to Empower ANYONE I Talk To

I don’t know about you, but these days it seems like EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is vying for my attention. I cannot be the only person that feels pulled in a trillion different directions on any given day, right?

How MANY of us out there have been in a meeting of some sort and even though there is someone talking and delivering important information, we are completely preoccupied with the fact that traffic is starting to pile up, or we are considering what needs to be made for dinner tonight, or the fact that we need to buy that birthday present by Saturday for the 49th birthday party this year.

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Can you relate to this image!? I know I can!

And during that same meeting you knowwww you’ve been covertly checking your phone for texts and messages and the bajillion other things that we do with those soul sucking amazing devices.

The bottom line is that SO freaking often we are NOT present AT ALL to what the hell is going on around us. And I feel like we have, as a society, been conditioned to live in this state. What a bummmmmer.

So I figured something OUT, mamas. I discovered a phrase that helps ME to be more present and I think the BEST thing about this phrase is that it truly makes the people around us feel 100% more empowered and heard.

Lemme tell you a little story for how I figured this whole thing out.

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