Mamas, I’m all about promoting products and services that will do nothing but improve the quality of your life. Check out the products and services that help me be the best empowered woman I can be.

I HATE grocery shopping, you guys. I swear to you, the idea of grocery shopping during the bustle of a busy weekend makes my chest tight with anxiety. I come back from those trips feeling irritated, stressed, and fatigued over how much energy I just expended from keeping track of my kids and trying to locate every item on my list. It’s the worst! And tell me, WHO wants to give up 2+ hours of their weekend to feel like THAT!?

A few years ago I made a decision that was an absolute GAME CHANGER for me. I discovered INSTACART. Mamas, I would NOT promote a product that I do not back 100% and I will tell you what- this service has been a lifesaver.

Instacart is grocery delivery system. You log in, you fill up your cart, you pay, and then boom… your groceries are delivered straight to your door. No whining kids to deal with, no lines, no impulse purchases… It is SO easy. Here are some of my TOP reasons I think YOU NEED to try it out!

  • I get to STAY HOME and the groceries come to me! I can put together my shopping list ANY time ANY where. I don’t have to rely on store hours to tell me when to shop!
  • I can double check if I already have an item. HOW many times have you made that purchase because you’re justttt not sure if you have it or not? You come home and boom, you already have 3 cans of spaghetti sauce. Ugh. Hand to the forehead moment. Those unnecessary purchases add up, girl! Now, while I’m filling my order all I have to do is simply walk over to my pantry or open my fridge to remind myself of what we already have. It has helped to cut back on unnecessary purchases sooo much.
  • Instacart has stopped me from making impulse purchases. No longer am I tempted to pick out that lip gloss, or that adorable shirt, or one last item as I wait to check out. (You KNOW you do that too, mama!) Now, I am focused in my shopping and I get only what I need. It has seriously helped me to SAVE money, actually!
  • Instacart has given me my weekends BACK. I dreaded shopping ALL weekend long. I would put it off for as long as I could. It stressed me out to have to go and fight the crowds, the lines, and make sure my kids were staying with me the whole time. Now, I spend maybe 10 minutes filling my order and the grocery shopping portion of my weekend is complete! Soooo nice.

Simply click on one of the links in the page to get started, mama! You will love it!