Summer Is Coming. Here’s What You Should Be Thinking & Doing, Mama.

Have you been to Target lately!? Or Marshall’s? Or Kohl’s? Or ANY freaking store? Do you know where I’m going with this? The sunscreen is out, the pool toys are on displays, and those summer outfits are screaming for our attention.

Springtime is here and them marketers want. your. money.

I feel like women are subliminally alwayssss told that we are never ever enough through most marketing campaigns, but I feel like we get hit especially hard during this time of year.

We are told that our bodies have been in hibernation or something all winter long and now we MUST begin working out and eating “better” in order to be worthy enough to go on vacation or lounge by the pool.

We are confronted with these exercise programs telling us that we need to get “beach body ready” or we see ads that push for us to order self tanners and cellulite reducers now that Spring has arrived.

You know what? Eff that, man.

I am here to remind all of you fabulous, smart, savvy women that allllll that shit is a LIE. Collectively, we need to pause, and remember that we are enough. Period. No matter WHAT time of year it is.

Here are some common sense, no nonsense ideas I so desperately want you to keep in mind mama- especially as the weather warms up and those blood sucking marketers prey on some of our common insecurities:

Your body does not come in and out of vogue with the seasons. Uh, hello. I’m here to remind you: Your body does amazing and wonderful things 24/7, 365 days of the year. Not just during “swimsuit season”, not just during beach weather. Every. damn. day. Do NOT let another entity tell you otherwise. I’m getting riled up just thinking about this!!! I am ON my soapbox, mama!

So here’s what I want you to do- when you come across that ad campaign, or that Instagram post that makes you feel less than your best, you NEED to have a conversation with yourself. You NEED to change the narrative RIGHT then and there. Remind yourself of your strength, your grace, your everything that makes you awesome.

Remind yourself that social media is not realllllll and there are 7 BILLION of us out there, and half of that number are women. And we are REAL. We are trying our best to keep our heads up, to run households, to raise kids, to go work, and we don’t got the damn timmmmme for them to make us feel like crap. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Am I right?

Change the script. Have that healthy self talk, and keep your mind healthy during this time of aggressive marketing!

If you start a workout journey PLEASE do it for the right reasons. I LOVE working out. It is my therapy. (Well, actually I go to real therapy, but working out is like another formmmm of therapy, but I digress…)

I am SO sick of hearing women say things like, “I just need to tone up for our vacation” or “I’ve got a wedding to go to so I’m trying to lose weight.” I love all of you, but can. this. stoppppp?

How about instead we say: I’m choosing to eat healthier because I feel SO much better about myself when I do?

Or how about I am starting this workout journey because I deserve this time for myself?

Or what about I have family history of diabetes/heart disease/high cholesterol but I want to make positive changes for myself and my family?

What about… My KIDS deserve to see a mom who values herself enough to eat well and take care of her body?

Isn’t that SO much more POWERFUL you guys? Sorry I’m not sorry but FUCK your bikini. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR DAMN BIKINI. I care about YOU, girl.

So get on it, start that fitness journey, but DO NOT tell me it’s for them. DO it for YOU. You deserve it more than you know, mama!

You only get one freaking shot at this life, mama. You blink and your kid is walking, you blink again and they are talking in sentences, you blink anddd they are heading out the door, creating their own life. My point? This life goes crazzzzy fast.

I want you to get in that bathing suit and splash in the pool with your kids. I want you to hop on your bike and go for a ride with them. I want to see you building sandcastles and searching for those freaky little crabs at the beach.

Do you want your kids to look back on their childhood and wonder why you were never fully present during these times? Do you really want those nasty, lying voices in your own head control what you do with YOUR time? Hell no, mama.

Get out there and live it tf up. Your kids are counting on you. Show up for them and you know what, show up for YOU.

Do not engage in FOMO. Instead, make your life what you want it to be! Have you taken a LOOK outside, you guys? It is freaking gorgeoussss out there. If you are in southern California, our wet and cold winter has lead to like, EVERYTHING blooming. Yes, this has led to allergies for dayssss, but on a positive note, there are flowers everywhereeee.

People are going to start with the BBQs. There are going to be pool parties and trips to the beach and picnics. Let me ask you something? Do you want to be apart of that? I know I do!

But here’s the deal- you cannot wait for someone to hold out a golden invitation to you to join in on the fun. Sometimes YOU need to be the one to create an outing or a party. Yes, YOU. You are so capable. You are so fun. People want to spend time with YOU.

I do not care if you have dishes in your sink. I do not care if your event isn’t Pinterest worthy. What I care about is that you take steps to surround yourself with joy and community. People love to be with people. How empowering would that be for you to bring others together?

You will have excuse after excuse as to why you cannot invite people over or get everyone together for the pool or beach. You can already hear the excuses right?

You are too tired, you need to wait until XYZ, you don’t know how to get started… If you hold off, guess what? Those damn back to school sales will start up and BAM, everyone is back on the grind and Starbucks will be pumping out the Pumpkin Spice lattes before we know it.

So if you want something to happen for you during these beautiful warm weather months, if you want to make those memories for yourself and your family, you need to make it happen for yourself. You cannot wait for someone else to create it for you.

Imagine your best summer ever, then make it HAPPEN, mama.

Okay. Go forward this week like the BOSS you are, girl. Keep your chin up and your mind healthy. That mean girl voice in your head is nothing but a LYING bitch. Listen to me when I say you are enough.

I’m right there with ya, mama. Have a great week!

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How to Finally Go After Your Dreams Like the Boss You Are, Mama

When I tell people I teach middle school, I often get horrified looks and comments like, “I could never do that.” People want to hear the horror stories or they are curious about what today’s adolescent is really like.

Yes, middle school students are totally in that awkward stage between budding future leader and self absorbed child, but I think what might surprise most is how often these kids teach me things.

The other day my 6th grade students and I were were going over this short, but super powerful poem by Langston Hughes titled ‘Harlem’. Get educated and read the poem for yourself, mama! It’s a good one:

It’s a pretty powerful little piece of literature, right!? That Langston Hughes… he sure knew what he was talking about.

So, after reading the poem aloud a few times and finding the rhyme scheme and all that jazz, part of the lesson was for my students to engage in a discussion based off of a few questions that accompanied the poem.

The first question my students were asked to ponder was, “Why do you think people put off going after their dreams?” I looked at them and I said, “Guys we live in the best country in the WORLD. We have free will. We can do whateverrrr we want in our lives, right? So WHY do so many people out there putt off their hopes and their dreams?”

Those little sixth graders did not miss a BEAT, you guys. Hands were flying in the air:

“People just get so distracted you know? By everything else that they HAVE to do versus what they really want to do. Like with their job and their kids and their life.”

“Mrs. Roberts, people are SCARED of following their dreams. Sometimes they think their dream is too big and they think they just won’t be able to do it. They are afraid they will fail.”

“Sometimes, ya know, people can be embarrassed by their dream or they think someone might make fun of them. People can be so mean.”

Mamas. I. Was. Shook. I just stared at this group of 11 and 12 year olds with my mouth agape and I almost whispered, “Yea. Yea, you guys are so so right. All of that. All of that is so, so true.” It was like these kids were speaking directly to my HEART.

Every SINGLE thing my students mentioned about why people postpone their dreams, I had felt times 1,000. Actually going after what you really want is freaking terrifying, am I RIGHT?

But the whole thing just gets better you guys. Back to my class. (I hope you have your tea, sis.) So after my initial shock over how simplistic, yet profound my students’ first response was, I hit em with the second discussion question: “What do you think Langston Hughes would say to someone that was planning on putting off their dreams?”

The responses immediately started pouring in:

“He would say you only get one life!”

“He would tell you just go for it!”

“He would say even though it’s scary YOU CAN DO IT!”

And then this one kid, that never really has anything too special to say just blurted out, “He would tell you to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.”

You guys, I know it sounds dramatic, but I almost couldn’t speak. I was practically in tears. It was like these children spoke directly to my fears, and then told me, You can do it. Just go for your dreams, Mrs. Roberts.

Most of them haven’t been kicked in the teeth by life yet. Most of them haven’t yet experienced the aching pain of true failure. But that’s the exact reason why I was so moved by their words.

They are children. And I get that. Most of them haven’t been kicked in the teeth by life yet. Most of them haven’t yet experienced the aching pain of true failure. But that’s the exact reason why I was so moved by their words. What they had to say came from a place of true honesty and sincerity.

Don’t you just wish you could see the world through the eyes of a child just one more day? Don’t you wish you could hang on to the confidence and assurance that the universe will deliver you everything you want and need?

So, I did a thing. I left work that day with my students’ and Hughes’ voices rattling around in my heart and my head, and I went home, and you know what I did, guys? I started going after one of my dreams. I just did it before I could even really think about what I was doing to stop myself.

I had been keeping this dream quiet for awhile. It just seemed like too much. I could hear people I love telling me I already have too much on my plate. It just seemed silly. I was afraid that no one would like the idea. I was afraid people would think it was stupid. But I did it any way.

For awhile now I’ve had the dream of taking my blog and my ideas from the screen… and into the REAL world. Yep. I wanted to start something where I could meet with women face to face and work towards building an in-person community where women could come together, discuss their own fears, hopes and dreams, and just empower the hell out of one another.

So I created a Meet Up Group to do just that! For those of you not familiar with first of all, welcome to an awesome resource for finding cool events and people around you. You should SERIOUSLY take a look. Even if you’re not interested in my event, there are SO many ideas for you to check out! Seriously anything. Dogs, cooking, religion, crafts, cars, hiking, money… there a trillion different groups of people out there that want to meet YOU.

Truly, when I say I did it before I couldn’t stop myself, I’m not lying. At one point while I was setting up my group online, I had this idea that I needed to take a break and really think about the descriptions I wanted to include and blah blah blah.

Go to to check out events and groups in your area. Do it!

But I decided to push through because I knew I NEEDED to get it done right then and there. And I was worried that if I took a break, I would never return to the site, finish the process of setting up the group, and my dream would still be sitting there, now in a server somewhere far, far away. Have you ever done that? Started in on something and then abandoned it because you were just too busy, or too afraid to actually go for it?

You guys, when I finally pressed submit to make my group live, I was a mess. Those thoughts of self-doubt and fear were raging. I busied myself with tasks around the house and pushed the whole thing from my mind.

I didn’t advertise my group on any other social media platform. I didn’t tell ANYONE that I had created a group. Instead I just kept quiet about it and I truly thought that no one would sign up to attend my event, the date would come and go, and I could at least say I tried to a certain extent.

But then the craziest thing happened, you guys. Women, started to JOIN my GROUP. And THEN… women RSVP’d that they would ACTUALLY ATTEND MY EVENT. And these are like real life people from the world.

It’s not like I called my mom and was like, Mom please join this group so I have at least one member and I don’t look like a complete loser. God only knows I have done that before though. Aint no shame in that game, either. (And thanks, for all the times you have done that for me, Mom.)

So it’s happening. Next week I’m actualizing my dream. I’m facilitating an event that will feature journaling, discussion, and fitness. I’m going to have the cucumber strawberry infused water, (I’ve mentioned the cucumber-strawberry infused water like 46,000 times already to anyone that will listen. I just feel that it will really set the mood.)

You guys, I am scared to DEATH. I still have those fears like, who am I to set up this group? Why would someone want to listen to me? But you know what? That voice is an effing liar. I’m doing this, you guys. This blog has empowered me and so many of you out there and now… I’m bringing it to the real world. I do have important things to say, so I’m going to say them.

And you know WHAT? YOU have important things to say. YOU have a bad ass story to tell. So what are your dreams?? Do you want to become certified to teach a class? Do you want to take up a new creative hobby that will serve as a well deserved outlet? Do you want to go back to school? Do you want to switch you career? Is your dream so freaking big that you don’t even WANT to tell anyone about it? That’s when you KNOW you’ve got a good one, girl.

Check out and if you are interested, I would LOVE for you to join my event. If you do attend, it will be our little secret that while I am smiling and leading and empowering you, I’ll also be nervous and terrified expecting everyone to pack up and leave 5 minutes in because they think I suck…

But know that I’m gonna show tf up any way. I’m going to be scared as hell, but I’m going to do this. And I’m going to kick some serious ass. I’m going after this dream, you guys.

So in the spirit of my 6th graders, remember, you only get one life, you can do it, and just GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. Don’t let those dreams die. Dream it and make it happen, girl. You are worth it.

Have a great week friends. I’m right there with ya in them trenches. We got this.

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Friday’s Challenge: Move That Bod of Yours, Mama!

HOW can you feel empowered, happy, and ready to take on the world if you do not appreciate and care for the amazing vessel that carries you through this thing called life!? I argue it’s impossible.

Today’s challenge serves as a reminder that daily moment is vital for mental clarity and health. I want you to do something, anything, that will get you up and moving, sending those happy little exercise endorphins zipping through ya.

Instead of going straight to pick up my kids from work, I went home, grabbed the dog, and we walked! Easy peasy way to get some steps in & promote healthy living with my kids.

I do love me a good gym sesh, that’s for damn sure, but guess WHAT? I am unable to get to the gym most days with my current schedule. But I do everything in my power to move my body in SOME way each and every day.

Some options include:

  • Finding a quick Youtube workout to complete before bed
  • Taking the kids to the park and walking around the playground
  • Doing lunges across your living room
  • Playing with your kids (We call it playing “ninjas” at our house…)
  • Turning on your new favorite jam and dancing your ass off (my personal favorite!)
  • Taking that class at the gym you’ve been wanting to try
  • Going on that hike you’ve been thinking about
  • Doing a little yoga to find your zen

Whatever you do, mama, remember that you are blessed to have that body of yours. The media, and society, and our messed up brains wants us to believe otherwise, but we have got to push back.

We have to remember that our bodies are worthy of love and respect. They have done, and will continue to do amazing things for us.

I truly hope you enjoyed my week long challenge! It has been a blast putting together this content and inspiring and motivating all of you. Now get on it mama! Move that precious body of yours! You deserve it.

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Thursday’s Challenge: Make Some Awesome AF Plans With Your Tribe

It. Is. THURSDAY, PEOPLE! We are getting there!

Can I ask you something? How would you like to have a little something in your life to look forward to help you get through the mundane or crappy aspects of your week? What if you knew, in the back of your mind that this weekend, or maybe next weekend, or next Thursday or WHENEVER, you have that super fun event/dinner/exercise session/whateverrrr planned with your girlfriends?

Do you think that may help your focus and your energy knowing that good times are assured to be ahead? Well, mamas I want you to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

That’s right. Today’s challenge is about reaching out to your people and creating a get-together that will help you push through the rest of this week with focus and positivity.

Make them plans & have something awesome to look forward to!

And holy smokes, it can be smallllll. Make it small! I’m all about the little things because they truly can have a big impact! You do not neeeeed to get them heels and head to the club with your girlfriends, ya know? (But for sure, do that if that’s your jam, by all means. I like that about you.)

I’m talking itty-bitty plans. I’m talking a walk around the park with your neighbor. I’m talking coffee session in your kitchen mid-morning Sunday. I’m talking making those dinner plans for the next week so you can pull together childcare.

When women make a conscious decision to surround themselves with other women, amazing things happen. You’ve got cheerleaders and friends and people who are STOKED for the things you’ve got going on in your life. You’ve got people who will actively listen to you and hear you and support you.

That is powerful stuff, mamas. And HEAR ME when I say, we need MORE of that in our lives, like BIG time. We need to seek out our worth and remind ourselves that sometimes, the laundry or the dishes or the shopping or enter the trilllllion of other tasks we accomplish each week can WAIT.

I give you permission to press pause, reach out to your people, and be with them in whatever context you can.

Can you PLEASE do this?? Can you PLEASE text or call or Skype or smoke signal your gang girl and make some awesome af plans? You will be SO happy you did, mama, I promise!

Mamas, lets come together and do amazing and powerful and amazing things to round out the end of this week. I’m getting my warpaint make-up on, and I’m ready. I’m right there with ya. Make them plans with yo people! Okay, Thursday, let’s freaking do this.

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Make a Realistic To-Do to Start Crushing Them GOALS

I am a LIST girl. I freaking love lists. I mean, how good does it feel crossing off the items as you accomplish them?! SO GOOD! So good.

Today’s challenge ties into one of my New Year’s Resolutions of STOPPING the never ending waiting game, and just going for what you want in your life. You need a GOAL, mamacita. You deserve to do big and amazing things!

But I’ll tell you what, you can’t just have this goal floating around in that gorgeous head of yours. You NEED to create an actionable list to help you get started.

These mini pizzas were delicious!

And I want to remind you, that your goal does notttt need to be life changing. Today’s challenge really isn’t really about getting that Master’s degree or curing AIDS. But hey, if you want to do that, like, please, get on that.

Recently, I had some time off from work (I’m a bad ass middle school teacher when I’m not blogging btw) and I decided that I was going to finally do it. I was going to throw a little fiesta at my place. I, Emily, was going to actually entertain! See!? Nothing too intense- but this was something I had been wanting to do for a LONG time.

In the past I have always been a wreck when I know people are on their way. But on my list I made surrrre to remind myself to ENJOY the experience. To let it go. To have FUN.

I know that goal seems silly to some. But for me, I always put off the idea of having people over. Or I have this tendency to wait for everyyyyyone I know to be available. And guess what? ALL your people are NEVER going to be available at one time.

See? This is NOT Pinterest worthy, but it was still so much damn fun.

So I did it you guys. I sat down and wrote out a list of alllll the things I needed/wanted to do for this little get together. I reached out to my people. And guess WHAT? MANY of them were not available. But I did NOT let that stop me.

I hollered at my main grocery shopping service Instacart, and within 2 hours, I had alllllll of the fixins for a bomb diggity pizza bar. Didn’t even need to step foot in a store. How awesome is THAT!? And some beer. (I don’t think it’s humane or normal to have pizza without beer.)

You guys, I was rushing around like a psychopath, shredding cheese, and opening stuff, and cleaning. In the past I have always been a wreck when I know people are on their way. But on my list I made surrrre to remind myself to ENJOY the experience. To let it go. To have FUN. To remember that I will be surrounded by people that love me and care about me, and honestly don’t really care if my shin dig is Pinterest worthy.

And you know WHAT?! I had SO much fun. The pizzas turned out great, the conversation was hilarious, and the booze was a-flowin’. It felt so damn good to make this goal of mine a reality.

So what is YOUR goal? What do YOU want for YOU? Make your goal, create your list to help get you started and just DO IT. Stop freaking waiting and start DOING, mama. You are SO worth it.

Have a great day, mama army! You better believe I’m right there with ya in the trenches. We got this.

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Tuesday’s Challenge: Take a Selfie & Give A Shout Out to Your Girl Tribe

It is wildly difficult to be vulnerable, you guys. How MANY of us are just walking around this world, acting like we have it alllll together, but inside, we are not doing so hot? I’m right there with ya. Today’s challenge asks you to be a wee bit vulnerable. Get ready.

I KNOW there are like, gobs of articles out there that tell us that the age of the selfie indicates we live in a self absorbed, narcissistic society. And to a certain extent I do agree. I feel like so often people take a boatload of selfies and post them all over social media in hopes of finding validation and acceptance. We curate our selfies and post only the ones that make us look like life is awesome and we don’t have a care in the world.

A little self love never hurt nobody.

What I’m asking of you TODAY, is to NOT take a selfie that is meant to seek others’ approval. This selfie is intended to not only be a strong, unapologetic statement of who you are, but also a thank you and shout out to your support system.

I want to see your messy house. I want to see that laundry that needs folding. I want to see you hustling hard at the gym or work or at the grocery store. And then I want you to tag the sh*t out of your tribe and I want you to thank them for having your BACK through this crazy ass thing we call life.

When we reach out to others in an authentic way, I swear to you, magical, beautiful things happen. When we choose to be vulnerable and say, “No, things have not been going well lately” OR “I am SO excited for this opportunity” people see our real selves. And you, mama- your real self- is something that should always be celebrated.

Get to posting those selfies. I cannot wait to see them! Tag me @getempoweredmama on social media! Have a great day.

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Monday’s Challenge: Make Friends With Yo Body, Mama.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO with alllllllll of the energy you spend on disliking your body? SERIOUSLY!! Can you imagine? Can you evennnnn imagine if there was a machine out there that could suck up all the negative af energy we all spend on picking ourselves apart, and use that for something productive? We would legit all be drinking margaritas on effing MARS, that is how much energy we would have.

So I get it. I know. We all have our hang ups. Our thighs and our boobs, and our tummies and our hair and our skin and our teeth andddd… and I could go on and on and onnnnn.

Like, can we all just stop?

What I’m asking of you today is simple. Just a simple exercise that you can do mentally as you drive home or have ten seconds to yourself (haha). I’m asking you to take that one body part that you have just despised since you were like, 12, and reframe your thinking about it. Stay with me!

Like, say you hate your arms. What could you say about your arms that would give you permission to value them and befriend them again? What have your arms done lately that is truly important to you? For me, I played a twenty minute board game with my kids using my arms (and hands). My kids lovvved every second of it. What have you created with your arms? What have you held? What have you carried lately? Them arms of yours are pretty damn important. They have done pretty amazing things for you, ya know?

Hey, what has that tummy done for ya, mama? Oh, I don’t know, it just expanded and shifted and changed in every way to CREATE LIFE. That’s all. No big deal. And how blessed are you that tummy of yours has sat with the people you love more than life itself and has allowed you to enough a simple, but amazing meal?

There are a trillion industries out there that profit off of your insecurities, ya know? This world is going to do everything it can to hold you down and tell you are not enough. And then when you bust your ass to get to being enough they will tell you are too much. So what I have learned is that you just have to do YOU.

Fill yo cup, and then fill up yo sister mama’s too!

You just have to be brave enough to fully, wholeheartedly, unconditionally love yourself. And part of that starts with recognizing that the shell you came in that takes you through this fucking crazy world is amazing one. And you get ONE. So you get to decide. You get to decide if every day you wake up, do you go straight to deficit mode, or do you say, nope I am filling my effing cup, starting now.

I hope you make friends with everything about yourself, mama. I think you are amazing and epic and truly worthy of all the world in this world. Take this week by the horns and do wonderful things for yourself and those around you.

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The Get Empowered Mama Challenge is HERE!

Mama Army!  It is ON!  I have put together a simple, but super powerful week long challenge that will help you not only empower yourself, but the other bad ass babes around you.  How awesome is that!?  I love a good win-win.

Every day this week I will be posting a small, but powerful challenge that is intended to help you recognize your power and your worth, and help you remain present.

This is NOT going to be difficult, I promise.  Many of these exercises and activities can be done in a matter of mere seconds, but they will leave you feeling pumped, present, and ready to take on the world.

I feel SO strongly that when we put good things into the universe like love, joy, positivity, and we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, amazing things happen in return.

Look for my posts each day this week to join in and feel free share comments, pictures, stories or any other good stuff about how you are completing the challenge.

Mamas, let’s change this freaking world.  Let’s make it what WE want it to be.  Are you in!?  I can’t wait!

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You NEED to Try this Easy Go-To Breakfast That Will Keep You Full for HOURS!

My Chronic Disease

Heads up mamacitas: there may be a few affiliate links in my posts! If you were to purchase something through these links, you wouldn’t pay a penny more, but I would receive a small commission. Okay! Keep reading on!

When I was diagnosed at the age of 14 with Type 1 Diabetes, my relationship with food altered tremendously. It KILLED me to see kids literally eating giant cookies for lunch and then just waltzing on with their day with enough energy to slay a dragon.

Me? I was learning to cope with finger pokes, insulin injections, and GNARLY highs and lows in my blood sugar. I was also learning that I could NOT eat a giant cookie for lunch without falling asleep in my next class and feeling drained for the rest of the afternoon.

I am PROOF that you can live with a chronic disease and it doesn’t have to stop you or define you, mamas.

Flash forward like, 17 years and here I am, mamas. Still kicking it with the good old betes, still jabbing myself for my blood sugar readings (however, now I use my arm), and I’m rocking an insulin pump like a b-o-s-s. (Buh-bye injections, you are the devil.)

I think, well, at least I really hope, that most people mature and come to recognize that eating like a nasty teenager is not going to serve you well as you hurtle towards adulthood. And what I recognize now is that out of sheer necessity, I was forced into healthier eating habits much earlier in life than my peers. It made me SO freaking mad… but I understand now that it has helped me in life, for sure.

I KNOW there are many people out there that just lovvvve food. They love the prep, they love the presentation, and the actual consuming the food is like, a love affair. And I get that, and I respect that, but that sure as hell is not me. I’m one of those people where if I could just press a button and not be hungry, BOOM, button pressed, and I’m on to my next task.

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3 Fail-Proof Ways to Have an Epic Valentine’s Day

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I have ALWAYS loved Valentine’s Day. I love the decorations, I love the silly cards, I love the kitschiness of it all. The blood-sucking marketers out there want you to think otherwise, but for the record- Valentine’s Day is a cheesy, insignificant holiday. However, it does serve as a day to pause and show the people in your life how much you love them and appreciate them. And I guess that IS important. It’s such a shame that so many people get sucked into believing that in order to have a valid Valentine’s Day, you need to drop a lot of money, or go to a fancy restaurant, or do something elaborate to impress a partner or your loved ones. Nooo. Stoppp itttt. Can I just say I would rather stab myself in my eye repeatedly than go to restaurant on Valentine’s Day!? (I’m not the only one that feels that way, right!?)

Mamas, when we take our last breath and leave this world, we won’t remember the fancy dinners, or the elaborate dates. We won’t. What we are really going to remember are the teeny tiny moments that serve to make our hearts whole. While I was growing up my mom worked as a teacher so she had to leave the house early most mornings, but every little holiday like Valentine’s Day, she made sure to do something special for my sister and me. She would tape paper hearts to the bathroom mirror to surprise us. She would pour us milk and add iAmscan 509618 Key to Your Heart Beverage Napkins One Size Multicolor""“>Valentine’s Day napkin tucked into our lunch.

Pink milk makes for a fun and simple Valentine’s Day treat!

Mamas, THAT is what I remember about Valentine’s Day. The love that I got from MY MOM. How utterly powerful is that? And you know WHAT? I honestly cannot conger up one memory of a sexy, hot, super fun Valentine’s Day spent with a partner. I mean, hell, I wish the universe blesses you with HEAPS of this these memories, but I just cannot recall any of them! And I think when we set ourselves up to believe that someone else should be sending us flowers, or making reservations at that new restaurant, we forget about the little ways that we can give and receive love. And to be honest, those have ended up being the biggest things for me. Those are the things that have stayed in my heart.

So girl, I want you to take the bull by the horns and I am working to empower YOU to do everything in your power to have the best Valentine’s Day possible this year. Here are a few simple ways to find the joy in this holiday to help you create a day that is truly filled with love:

Make it what YOU want it to be. We all envision different concepts of what would make our Valentine’s Day super sweet. So, do you really want to go to that cute new restaurant? Then make the effing reservation. Do you want some flowers? Then buy yourself the damn flowers. (You guys I cannot TELL you what happens to my soul when I buy myself flowers. Every once in a blue moon my local Sprouts will have flowers on clearance, and my heart and soul REJOICE when I put them into my cart. Angels sing.)

What I’m saying is, if you have this idea in your head of what you want your Valentine’s Day to be, then you need to work to make that shit happen for yourself. Do NOT WAIT for someone to do it for you. Light some candles, get out the ingredients for a special meal and invite some people over. Do you know how many people out there would love to spend time in your company!? Like, so so many. Me! I would!

Mama, buy yourself the damn flowers, ya hear!?

Or, simply purchase some Valentine’s Day decorations to liven up your abode. Newsflash: You do NOT need to have a Pinterest worthy home to be able to enjoy yourself this coming V-Day. Just putting a freaking plastic table cloth over my table makes me feel giddy. (If you don’t have time to shop, look here for some super cute V-Day decorations that can make it to your doorstep before the big day.)

Go on a hike, take a class at your gym, try the sip and paint night. There really are so many options out there. Bottom line is though, in order to have a memorable Valentine’s Day you actually have to do the work to decide what you want your today to look like and then you have to remember that you are worthy of enjoying this holiday on your own terms. And then you know what you do, mama? You go tf after it because you deserve it so much.

Give like a mofo. I absolutely love to give to others and I can’t think of a better time to show the people around you your love and appreciation for them than Valentine’s Day! You may think that Valentine’s Day cards are exclusively given to kids and lovers, but I completely disagree. (Again, I’m choosing to make this day what I want it to be!) And when I say give, I don’t mean chocolates or stuffed animals, or handmade cookies, or yet another mindless gift that you hand off and people forget in 2.5 seconds. This year I plan on passing out simple, hand-written notes to the people on my teaching team. Seriously, when is the last time that you got a HAND WRITTEN note?

Write a short, to the point genuine compliment or sentiment on the card and you will make that person’s DAY! You could do this for the other moms at drop-off, the crossing guard that works to get your kids to school safely, or that special neighbor that always brightens your day. Can you imagine that person coming home and putting that special card on their fridge, or up on their mantle? And each time they look at it, it makes them feel special and appreciated? That is SO big, you guys. YOU could do that for someone so easily.

A sweet note with a genuine compliment or sentiment is the best Valentine’s Day gift I can imagine.

Give your love by striking up a conversation with a new person, or simply smile at a stranger. Let yourself be soft and inviting to the universe instead of keeping your heart and mind to yourself. You have so much love to give, and when you give it, I swear to you, it will come back to you tenfold. (You can also check out these gifts that contribute to a good cause!)

Do the unexpected. People have a tendency to have a lousy Valentine’s Day because they have this idea in their head of what a Valentine’s Day should look like. But as I’ve been saying, in life, you get to decide, girl. Bundle up and grab the marshmallows and chocolate and head outside for a bonfire. Too cold where you are!? Make smores on your stove or in your fireplace! Take 20 minutes to be present with your kids by busting out the board games or Twister. Tell your kids about how it felt when you got to hold them for the first time and the love you experienced in that moment. That’s a heck of a Valentine right there.

Another unexpected idea: teach your children to give to other by working together to donate your time to a local shelter, or work with your kids to clear out their toys to give to Goodwill. (Here is a great article about how to encourage your kids to willingly donate their toys.)

Mama, have an amazing, joy-filled Valentine’s Day by making it exactly what you want it to be. Do something fancy and extra, or reject that completely an go the opposite direction and find your zen in the simplistic. I just hope that you take the time to recognize that this day was meant for you as much as it was made for anyone else. Have a great week and I hope I see you in the check out line getting that gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I’ll be right there with ya, girl.

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