What I Learned from My Self Defense Class & Why You Need to Take One Too, Mama!

Self defense class to help us empower ourselves and others!
It was a GREAT night with amazing women! Thank you so much to everyone that attended!

The Get Empowered Mama Army headed over to ZUltimate Self Defense Studios recently and had a HELL of a good time learning a thing or two about how to defend ourselves if ever needed.

I thought I was just going to learn some useful moves to protect myself but it turns out, I learned a whole lot more in my short time at the studio.

All of our moves put together! It was actually pretty intense just practicing the moves on someone pretending to attack you.

Here is what this empowered mama took away from my self defense class and why I think you’ve gotta sign up for one TOO:

Self defense is a state of mind. Over and over again our instructor Steve reminded us that it is so important to walk with confidence, hold yourself with assurance, and own your space. Predators are looking for the meek, scared, and seemingly insecure women to prey upon because they think they won’t put up a fight. In most instances a woman that holds her head high, uses eye contact, and seems sure of herself is less of a target. This class reminded me that self defense really is the last option. Instead, be proactive by

I need to flex my self discipline and self respect muscles on the regular. During the class wee were learning a set of moves and I was just struggling to figure it out. At first I felt a little silly and irritated that other people were getting the move faster than I was. And then at some point, I was kinda like, it is okayyy if it is taking me longer to get this! I just need to work harder at it and keep practicing. And what do you know, after a few more times practicing the move, I had it down!

Self defense class, empowering women
Can you FEEL the empowerment goin’ on!? It was a great class and SO much fun!

I had to maintain my self discipline to figure out the move and I had to have a level of self respect in order to remind myself that we all work at our own pace. I feel that I need to remember those things in all areas of my life, ya know?!

It was so much fun. I truly had no idea what to expect when I decided to put this self defense class together. But when I showed up and started participating, I was again reminded how much FUN it is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try something new!

self defense class with our dummy!
A little classy a little kick ass-y.

It was also soooo cool to have the different groups of women in my life come together, meet one another, and feel supported by each other. I seriously laughed until I had tears in my eyes (thanks, Jamie) and I had a bad ass partner (I see you, Nicole).

Mamas, I KNOW you feel a little nervous or anxious over trying out a new class or event or activity. You may stress over setting up childcare or getting out the door, but I PROMISE you, trying new things is a GAME changer!

If you are looking for new and fun things to try out, please check out my MeetUp site for fun activities! We seriously have a blast! Do something for YOU once in awhile, girl!

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