Tuesday’s Challenge: Take a Selfie & Give A Shout Out to Your Girl Tribe

It is wildly difficult to be vulnerable, you guys. How MANY of us are just walking around this world, acting like we have it alllll together, but inside, we are not doing so hot? I’m right there with ya. Today’s challenge asks you to be a wee bit vulnerable. Get ready.

I KNOW there are like, gobs of articles out there that tell us that the age of the selfie indicates we live in a self absorbed, narcissistic society. And to a certain extent I do agree. I feel like so often people take a boatload of selfies and post them all over social media in hopes of finding validation and acceptance. We curate our selfies and post only the ones that make us look like life is awesome and we don’t have a care in the world.

A little self love never hurt nobody.

What I’m asking of you TODAY, is to NOT take a selfie that is meant to seek others’ approval. This selfie is intended to not only be a strong, unapologetic statement of who you are, but also a thank you and shout out to your support system.

I want to see your messy house. I want to see that laundry that needs folding. I want to see you hustling hard at the gym or work or at the grocery store. And then I want you to tag the sh*t out of your tribe and I want you to thank them for having your BACK through this crazy ass thing we call life.

When we reach out to others in an authentic way, I swear to you, magical, beautiful things happen. When we choose to be vulnerable and say, “No, things have not been going well lately” OR “I am SO excited for this opportunity” people see our real selves. And you, mama- your real self- is something that should always be celebrated.

Get to posting those selfies. I cannot wait to see them! Tag me @getempoweredmama on social media! Have a great day.

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