Monday’s Challenge: Make Friends With Yo Body, Mama.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO with alllllllll of the energy you spend on disliking your body? SERIOUSLY!! Can you imagine? Can you evennnnn imagine if there was a machine out there that could suck up all the negative af energy we all spend on picking ourselves apart, and use that for something productive? We would legit all be drinking margaritas on effing MARS, that is how much energy we would have.

So I get it. I know. We all have our hang ups. Our thighs and our boobs, and our tummies and our hair and our skin and our teeth andddd… and I could go on and on and onnnnn.

Like, can we all just stop?

What I’m asking of you today is simple. Just a simple exercise that you can do mentally as you drive home or have ten seconds to yourself (haha). I’m asking you to take that one body part that you have just despised since you were like, 12, and reframe your thinking about it. Stay with me!

Like, say you hate your arms. What could you say about your arms that would give you permission to value them and befriend them again? What have your arms done lately that is truly important to you? For me, I played a twenty minute board game with my kids using my arms (and hands). My kids lovvved every second of it. What have you created with your arms? What have you held? What have you carried lately? Them arms of yours are pretty damn important. They have done pretty amazing things for you, ya know?

Hey, what has that tummy done for ya, mama? Oh, I don’t know, it just expanded and shifted and changed in every way to CREATE LIFE. That’s all. No big deal. And how blessed are you that tummy of yours has sat with the people you love more than life itself and has allowed you to enough a simple, but amazing meal?

There are a trillion industries out there that profit off of your insecurities, ya know? This world is going to do everything it can to hold you down and tell you are not enough. And then when you bust your ass to get to being enough they will tell you are too much. So what I have learned is that you just have to do YOU.

Fill yo cup, and then fill up yo sister mama’s too!

You just have to be brave enough to fully, wholeheartedly, unconditionally love yourself. And part of that starts with recognizing that the shell you came in that takes you through this fucking crazy world is amazing one. And you get ONE. So you get to decide. You get to decide if every day you wake up, do you go straight to deficit mode, or do you say, nope I am filling my effing cup, starting now.

I hope you make friends with everything about yourself, mama. I think you are amazing and epic and truly worthy of all the world in this world. Take this week by the horns and do wonderful things for yourself and those around you.

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