The Get Empowered Mama Challenge is HERE!

Mama Army!  It is ON!  I have put together a simple, but super powerful week long challenge that will help you not only empower yourself, but the other bad ass babes around you.  How awesome is that!?  I love a good win-win.

Every day this week I will be posting a small, but powerful challenge that is intended to help you recognize your power and your worth, and help you remain present.

This is NOT going to be difficult, I promise.  Many of these exercises and activities can be done in a matter of mere seconds, but they will leave you feeling pumped, present, and ready to take on the world.

I feel SO strongly that when we put good things into the universe like love, joy, positivity, and we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, amazing things happen in return.

Look for my posts each day this week to join in and feel free share comments, pictures, stories or any other good stuff about how you are completing the challenge.

Mamas, let’s change this freaking world.  Let’s make it what WE want it to be.  Are you in!?  I can’t wait!

If you like it, share it, mama!

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