You NEED to Try this Easy Go-To Breakfast That Will Keep You Full for HOURS!

My Chronic Disease

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When I was diagnosed at the age of 14 with Type 1 Diabetes, my relationship with food altered tremendously. It KILLED me to see kids literally eating giant cookies for lunch and then just waltzing on with their day with enough energy to slay a dragon.

Me? I was learning to cope with finger pokes, insulin injections, and GNARLY highs and lows in my blood sugar. I was also learning that I could NOT eat a giant cookie for lunch without falling asleep in my next class and feeling drained for the rest of the afternoon.

I am PROOF that you can live with a chronic disease and it doesn’t have to stop you or define you, mamas.

Flash forward like, 17 years and here I am, mamas. Still kicking it with the good old betes, still jabbing myself for my blood sugar readings (however, now I use my arm), and I’m rocking an insulin pump like a b-o-s-s. (Buh-bye injections, you are the devil.)

I think, well, at least I really hope, that most people mature and come to recognize that eating like a nasty teenager is not going to serve you well as you hurtle towards adulthood. And what I recognize now is that out of sheer necessity, I was forced into healthier eating habits much earlier in life than my peers. It made me SO freaking mad… but I understand now that it has helped me in life, for sure.

I KNOW there are many people out there that just lovvvve food. They love the prep, they love the presentation, and the actual consuming the food is like, a love affair. And I get that, and I respect that, but that sure as hell is not me. I’m one of those people where if I could just press a button and not be hungry, BOOM, button pressed, and I’m on to my next task.

So I started experimenting with how I could ensure that I got enough protein, calories, and carbs from my breakfast, while making sure that I could throw it together lickity-split.

In Search of the Perfect Breakfast

Because my chronic disease impacts my relationship with food so much, without even realizing it, over the years I have definitely come to view the food I consume as fuel. Okay, DO NOT punch me because I KNOW the whole “food is fuel” tagline is seemingly tre popular right now. But really, at this point in my life with kids and a full time job, a dog, errands for days, laundry… I just want my food to fuel me so I can do the things I need to do.

Ladies, I seriously bet you already have these ingredients lying around!

Before I started my teaching career I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, so I would prepare myself scrambled eggs (protein) and eat this with some type of carb. But when I started teaching, mama could NOT take the time to make scrambled eggs every morning, ya know what I’m saying? So I started experimenting with how I could ensure that I got enough protein, calories, and carbs from my breakfast, while making sure that I could throw it together lickity-split.

I teach the future generation so you better believe I need high quality fuel to help me start my day, yall.

Enter my WEIRD af breakfast that provides me everything I need nutrition-wise, keeps me full for HOURS, and takes me literally 2 minutes to make. I call it my peanut butter egg toast. WAIT. Don’t click out of the tab. Hear me out, mama. This breakfast keeps my blood sugar stable (which is awesome for non-challenged pancreas people too, I assure you) and it just tastes like… peanut butter toast.

Because I’m all about time efficiency, I use my handy-dandy Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker for Hard Boiled Eggs, Poached Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, or Omelets with Auto Shut Off Feature – Black""“>Egg Cooker, shells would stick to the egg and it was impossible to peel, or the egg itself would be too hard or too mushy. Anyone else? With this thing, I swear to you, PERFECT eggs every darn time. Score.

How I Make My To-Go Breakfast

I keep those puppies in their shells for the week to keep them fresh. When Monday morning rolls around, I grab my

I seriously love my Dash Egg Cooker! Perfect soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs EVERY time!

The toast pops, I slap some peanut butter on it, and then I divide my hard boiled egg between the two pieces of toast. I throw my creation into a paper towel and eat it on the way to work, or during my first period as my students work on various tasks.

When I tell people about my weird breakfast, they sometimes get grossed out by the peanut butter and the egg combo. I SWEAR the peanut butter like, usurps the taste of the egg. And the texture does not not bother me one bit! It surprisingly all goes together. I enjoy my creation with my almond milk doctored coffee as I’ll tell you what- I am not thinking about snacking on anything for the next three hours, easily.

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal, So Make Sure You Are Eating It!

You know, it was never my intention to have an army of mamas eating my peanut butter egg toast creation. If you try and you like it, awesome! Some of you may consider it, while others are probably grossed out by the thought of it. What I DO want you to do is think about is how you are fueling your body to start your day.

She aint pretty, but she gets the job DONE! Seriously, this breakfast keeps me full for HOURS, you guys!

Maybe you already have a boss breakfast that serves you well and it works for you. Maybe you are grabbing that easy item that you KNOW is full of sugar and drains you of your energy before 9am rolls around. Or maayyyybeee (and I know you are out there!!) maybe some of you are not eating breakfast at ALL (gasp).

Mamas, we gotta take care of ourselves. I give you permission to stop and take the time for yourself to create sustenance that will help you to do the amazing things you do in this world. We have people that rely on us. We have jobs to do. We deserve to feel good in our own skin, and that comes from fueling our bodies with food that helps us. YOU deserve to take the time to just sit down and eat a meal that will propel you to do powerful things in this world.

What are some other easy to make, quick, but healthy breakfasts you eat throughout your week? What do you think of my wacktastic breakfast creation!? Let me know if you try and what your thoughts are! Have a great week, mamas. You’ll see me chowing down on my breakfast and lip syncing to some Ariana Grande on my way to work! Cheers to us all we do!

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