A Secret About Your Body, Mama

When I was in college there was a time I obsessed over wanting bigger boobs.  (Psycho) Lindsay Lohan was super popular at the time and I just thought to myself, “I just need them to be a litttttle bigger and then I’ll be happy.”  Thank GOD I knew myself enough to realize I’m about as fickle as they come and didn’t actually go through with anything like a breast augmentation.

In today’s world, as the Kardashian Krew (see what I did there?) infiltrate like, every media outlet possible, having the biggest butt is the newest trend in women’s body types.  But um, can you just take a moment to re-read that last sentence?  Our freaking bodies, the sacred shell that houses our thoughts, beliefs, aspirations, and dreams have been hijacked by the media only to be used as a means to peddle the latest fashion trends.  (Woah, I sound like a totally hippie feminist.  Hell yea.)  You HAVE to look at this site that goes into detail about how the “perfect female body” has evolved in the past century.  We have to stop letting other entities tell us what our bodies should look like.  We have to reject the idea that our bodies are up for grabs by marketing executives that prey on our insecurities.

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I want to let you in on something I learned not too long ago.  It’s a little known fact that I want you to repeat over and OVER again, mamas.  It’s a secret that I actually want you to tell EVERYONE you know.  Here it is: every damn part of your body is so freaking beautiful.  Not just your breasts, not just your ass… every part of you is amazing.  I’m gonna say that a little louder for the people in the back:  EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY IS MIRACLE AND SHOULD BE CELEBRATED EVERYYYYY DAMNNNN DAYYYYY, MAMA.

When my sister was in 8th grade she went on a Father-Daughter dance with my dad.  I remember analyzing the pictures from that evening and looking at my sister in detail.  Her curled hair was shiny, her pink lipstick screamed that she was indeed turning into a woman, but it was her gorgeous collarbone that I couldn’t stop looking at.  It was so beautiful.  Her collarbone, you guys.

 Here it is: every damn part of your body is so freaking beautiful.  Not just your breasts, not just your ass… every part of you is amazing.

WHO remembers Hillary Swank at the Oscar’s for Million Dollar Baby?  OMGGG you guys.  Oh. My. God.  She was wearing this gorgeous navy floor length gown that had these severe sleeves and this collar that went straight up to her throat.  I remember thinking, “Okay, kind of conservative, I guess.”  But when Hill turned around… OMG HER BACK.  Her amazzzzing back.  The gown had this low dipping back that exposed every gnarly muscles she had been working so hard on for her role as a boxer.  Her muscular back was everything.  I think I literally gasped when she turned around in that gown.

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Do you want to know what my favorite part of my body is?  You would probably never guess.  I’m about 5’3″ and petite… but if you just saw a picture of my hands, you might think I was a grown ass man.  I have these knobby knuckles, veins popping out, and a FIERCE grip.  Yep.  My favorite part of my body isn’t my butt, or my smile, or my hair, or my legs- (even though all of those are awesome, but I digress)  it’s my hands.  What I love most about my hands is that, based on the “ideal” feminine notion of what a woman’s hands should look like, I should hate my hands.  If I listened to what the magazines and the commercials and Instagram models try to shove down my throat every day, I would try to make my hands look cuter with pretty rings and manicures, or I would hide them in my lap or behind my back.  I literally cannot remember the last time I had a manicure and I am not one to politely keep my hands behind my back.  Nope.

I challenge you mama, to find a part of your body that the world tells you you should be ashamed of and celebrate the hell out of it.  Do you have frizzy hair?  Do you have freckles and moles?  Do you have a squishy tummy from giving all of yourself to making some babies?  Celebrate it because it is so damn beautiful.  Please know, please, please, please know, and reallllly think about this… the things that you can’t stand about yourself- someone else is out there praying for it.  I will tell you WHAT- I’m gonna get on my soapbox right about now- That mama that just shaved her head in preparation for chemo does NOT want to hear about your frizzy hair problems.  That woman that got t-boned by that drunk driver and is now paralyzed from the waist down does NOT want to hear about your effing cellulite.  And I, ladies, would gladly take your 20, 30, 40 pounds if it meant I had a man that loved me unconditionally like yours probably loves you.  Stew on that for a little bit mama, because that stuff is powerful.

Please know, please, please, please know, and reallllly think about this… the things that you can’t stand about yourself- someone else is out there praying for it.

I challenge you to be happy in your body today, mama.  Not tomorrow, not next week when you lose the last five pounds, or you when your skin clears up- NOW.  If this is a stretch for you, find that one thing about yourself and practice celebrating it.  Get used to complimenting yourself.  Get used to celebrating yourself.  Let those compliments spread from one aspect of your body to others parts of your life.  At first, it feels ridiculous, but keep. it. up.  When you create a habit of using positive self talk, you really do start to believe the positivity you are creating.  Let that positivity and self love spill into other areas of your life.  Let that love spill into other people’s lives, too.

What if…just WHAT if we all woke up tomorrow and we just decided to love ourselves?  What if we said, enough is enough- I’M enough?  What if your teeth didn’t need to be whiter, what if you didn’t need to lose ten pounds to be happy, what if you just WERE happy?  Mamas, if we could do that, if we could just realize that our bodies are absolutely AMAZING just the way they are, we could change the world.

Thank you for reading.  I’m rooting for all of us!  Have a great week, kick some ass, love yourself, and empower those around you.  You’ve got this, mama.



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