A Kick Ass Story: 1 Bathing Suit & the Power of a Genuine Compliment

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Vacations make for the best people watching.  I am reminded of the beauty of the human race as I see different bodies, styles of dress, and families.  The sound of different languages float through the air, filling me with curiosity as to which corner of the world these people hail from.  I had ample opportunity to conduct some hardcore people watching during my recent Hawaii vacation.  As my kids careened down that  green water slide for the thirtieth time that day, I lounged, drink in hand, and soaked up my surroundings.

Another thing I loved about my vacation was the plethora of swimsuits around me.  Suits ranged from modest, complete with sleeves and leggings, to barely there bottoms and teeny tiny tops.  So, with all of the people watching I was doing, coupled with the amazing bathing suits I was bearing witness to, I decided I needed to let some of the gorgeous women around me just how fabulous they looked.


If you have been following me on my new journey to empower myself and empower other women, you will know that I feel strongly about doling out sincere, unsolicited compliments to the women around me.

It saddens me to know that some women see giving out compliments to other women as groveling and beneath them, when in fact, it is SUCH an empowering experience.  I feel strongly that when you offer a genuine compliment to another, you are in no way, shape, or form giving away your power.  Instead, you are simultaneously increasing your own self worth and image and giving that other person a gift that money cannot buy.

As I was heading back to our room from the pool, a woman was about to pass on my left wearing an adorable bathing suit.  It looked something like this here:

I took a deep breath and said with a smile, “I love your bathing suit.”

I was expecting a simple smile back or just a quick “thank you” in response.  Instead I was surprised when the woman replied, “Thanks!  I just got it yesterday.  Do you know Whaler’s Village?”

We were planning on heading to Whaler’s Village, a shopping mall in town, the very next day to pick up souvenirs and gifts.  I nodded and she continued, “Pac Sun is having a huge sale right now.  I scored this bathing suit for $11.”

If you know ANYTHING about me, you’ll know this mama lovessss a good deal.  I normally never even step foot in surf shops because they reek of overpriced clothes and the self doubt of my middle school years.  But if you tell me you snatched up a bathing suit for $11?  I’ll check it out!

The next day, I strolled into Pac Sun with not the highest of hopes.  Seriously, how could she have scored both the top AND the bottom of her suit for a mere $11??  But sure enough guys, I found it!  I was able to locate the exact bathing my fellow empowered mama was rocking from the day before!  I tried it on, fell in love with it, and went to ring that puppy up.  And sure enough… my total was actually $10.40!  Boom.

Mamas, had I decided to hold back, had I decided to not to reach out to that woman, had I not been actively looking for someone to give them a gift of a sincere compliment, I NEVER would have found my adorable, clearance AF bathing suit.  And you know what? A bathing suit is, of course, trivial.  But it is the idea behind just this one teeny tiny encounter that I had with this fellow mama.  I made myself vulnerable, reached out to another human being, and the universe responded with positivity.  You HAVE to try it, mamas!  Every DAY try to put yourself out there and just see what happens.

I made myself vulnerable, reached out to another human being, and the universe responded with positivity.  You HAVE to try it, mamas!

Scoring my own adorable bathing suit is not the end of the story.  It comes full circle.  The next day was our last day in Hawaii.  I threw on my bathing suit of love, empowerment, and vulnerability and we headed for our last hang out sesh at the pool.  I secured myself an adult beverage and took in the beautiful resort, the ocean, the people, and I felt present and alive.

As I was sitting watching my kids play, a woman approached me with her friend.

“We LOVE your bathing suit!” they gushed and began to walk away.

The effects of the alcohol were starting to kick in and instead of just smiling or simply saying thank you, I called after the girls.

“Come over here right now!” I said beckoning them with my hand.

“Do you know Whaler’s Village?” I asked.  They nodded eagerly.  “Huge sale.  You gotta go.  Got this puppy for $10.40.”

Thank you for reading, mamas.  Go and be empowered.  I’m rooting for all of us.

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